Web Application Development Services

Web app development services are designing, developing, testing, and deploying web-based programs that run on web servers and can be accessed via web browsers. Web applications are interactive and provide data that can be utilized to support product and marketing strategies. They are less expensive to develop than native applications due to a single user interface, and back-end systems are used for all platforms.

At Nexle Corporation, our services may encompass creating custom web apps, web portals, eCommerce solutions, content management systems (CMS), and social networking sites.

Web Application Development Services
Web app development

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Custom Business App Development

We can help clients develop and maintain custom business apps to meet their business growth needs. In most cases, our services include web application development with SaaS and desktop business app development.

Top-notch Expertise

We are experienced with custom web application development and are specialists in several Javascript frameworks such as ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, etc.

High-quality & Cost-effective Services

We provide high-quality and cost-effective web app development services using the latest technologies.

Cloud-based Development

We know how to deliver an app that your users will love, and our solutions on all the major smartphone, tablet, and media platforms will help you achieve a faster time to market at a very competitive cost.

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ECommerce Development

eCommerce Development

Your business will need a powerful online store and reliable supplier support to offer products or services online. To raise awareness of your business and support the trading of your goods, Nexle Corporation can develop and operate an eCommerce website. We have eCommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes and in various fields in a way that is convenient for customers and search engine friendly.

Front-end Design & Development

The front end is the factor that leads users whether they stay or exit. It’s clearly important to your site and must function in harmony with the BE without any issues. Therefore, our professional FE engineers and UX designers create a clean and attractive interface, design, and overall quality UX.

Front-End Design & Development
Back-End Web Development

Back-end Web Development

You will need BE developers to build your software segments to maintain databases, servers, application logic, and APIs running smoothly. Together with the FE development team, our BE developers will create a reliable architecture that supports the application.

Custom Web Application Development

Our cutting-edge web application development services are tailor-made for you to seamlessly integrate with your business operations, supporting you to streamline workflows and perfectly align with your unique vision effortlessly.

Custom Web Application Development
Web Development Consulting

Web Development Consulting

As a web application development company, we will support you in evaluating your company requirements to choose the best technology stack for your project, guarantee its viability, and create an efficient web application.

Web Application Support And Maintenance

To function properly, websites and applications of all kinds need regular maintenance. That’s because even the most powerful technology eventually becomes outdated and requires revisions. Supporting and maintaining your website is a top priority for our team. Therefore, we ensure all our members are up-to-date on the latest technologies and tools.

Web Application Support And Maintenance

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