Embedded Software Development Services

Embedded Application Software is computer software, commonly known as Embedded Systems, which is typically specialized for the particular hardware that it runs on. It is written to control machines or devices that are not typically thought of as computers. We develop reliable and stable embedded applications with full-cycle services in this service.

Embedded programming
Embedded software development

Why do Industries Need Our
Embedded System Services?

Stay on top of the market

Most manufacturing systems now feature embedded devices at their core. To keep up with the market, businesses must ensure that their hardware products are up-to-date with the latest technologies. As a result, embedded software development services are in high demand.

High-quality service

Here at Nexle Corporation, we aim to get your business grown. We provide the best custom hardware and embedded device development, including design development services, firmware engineering, hardware engineering, verification, and validation.

Flexible service

Our mission is to provide clients with specific embedded software design services. From basic embedded platforms to advanced wide-band embedded hardware, we design and develop embedded systems that fulfill your unique needs. We also offer embedded system consulting on principles, specifications, and delivery.

Easy to use

Aboard a ship, we provide an easy user interface and user customization for navigation purposes on the MFD. It displays information from multiple sources and locations and turns it into something useful.
The same we do in a car, where we use onboard cameras and AI to turn collected information into a useful HUD.

What We Do in
Embedded Development Services

Firmware And Embedded Software Development

Firmware and Embedded Software Development

To ensure that your hardware meets all your requirements, we can help with programming bare metal code, bootloaders, and OS kernels. Our team has a strong background with many hardware and CPU architectures, including ARM, X86, PowerPC, AVR, and PIC.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development

Every connected device requires a user-friendly interface. Working with the most cutting-edge GUI technologies, we can help develop a high-performing, scalable, and robust Graphical User Interface.

Embedded GUI Design and Development
Embedded Integrations and APIs

APIs and Integrations

Our professional embedded software developers have experience in traditional web, cloud, mobile, desktop, and IoT solutions. From beginning to completion, we can handle the whole process, including delivery, problem-solving, and picking the most effective scenario for you.

Auditing, Performance Tuning, and Problem-solving

Our team is always available if you discover issues with leaks in memory, performance, or security. We will take on your case to analyze every aspect of your product, from the hardware design and platform to the low-level code, APIs, and integrations.
Embedded Audit Module

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