Why do outsource, may it be right for you ?

Sep 11th, 2017

Over the last ten years, outsourcing has captured the attention of many in the software development industry. These outsourcing activities absolutely help a business: Cost savings. It is always the most obvious reasons for outsourcing but is not the only one. Outsourcing may also allow a business to:
1. Focus on core activities.
2. Add staffing flexibility for special projects
3. Reduce development time
4. Improve quality by working with more experienced developers
5. Improve management by taking advantage of the vendor’s experience and knowledge.


Whatever the reason(s), be absolutely clear about WHY you want to outsource. With a clear purpose in mind, you will be much better equipped to make reasonable sourcing decisions:
IDENTIFY the project type you want to outsource
WHAT product do you want to develop.
WHO is your potential customers/users.
WHEN will you intend to release.
WHERE or potential market of your product.
– And WHO are your customers/users.
– Imagine HOW to develop this product? HOW to approach customers?
In fact, your success will depend on how well you plan, organize, execute and control the areas specified. Besides that, finding out one trusted outsourcing partner will be the last important thing.
Remembering focus on below factors when looking for one strategic software partner:
RAPID AGILE DEVELOPMENT: With Agile methodology, you could see exactly product development’s progress.
EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: All communications must be clear and responsive. You need partner response instantly about progress, schedule, problems and issues.
HIGH QUALITY WITH COMPETITIVE COST: it depends on your target project, mostly, shorten product time to market, reducing software development cost and available solutions for new demands will be key to measure the quality outsourcing partner.
TALENTED RESOURCES: Developers with high education who be selected from top universities with experienced and skilled workforce, they may help you solve IT challenges and grow business fastly.
HIGH TECHNOLOGY: there are latest technology for mobile app, custom application, web application or software testing, just focus on your type project
EXPERIENCE: learning their portfolio will help you.
Last but not least, knowing what current clients say about potential software partner are important too.
That is the way we do at Nexle – Vietnam Software Outsourcing Partner
Our team is commitment and dedication to client success, free clients mind about IT challenges so you can focus on core business. With staying on the leading edge of technology, we can help clients constantly innovating on their products.


review software outsourcing vietnam
Nexlesoft have built several projects on multiple platforms for us, including critical full stack line-of-business applications, and we were always fully satisfied with the outcomes. They provided full technical competence in development and testing, but also process maturity and very important flexibility about the inevitable changes in scope and timelines. They always worked extra to accommodate our last minute needs. Their implementations were highly rated by the actual users, and helped us to maintain and grow our software development business as a result.” – PAVEL DVORAK – SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES TEAM LEADER, BYTE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

review software outsourcing vietnam
“Working with Nexle has been a positive experience. We were able to assemble a productive team quickly, and have been pleased with the quality of our team’s work. Nexle has always acted as a true partner in helping each of my projects to be successful. I am happy to recommend Nexle to anyone looking to set up an offshore development team.” – NATE ZOBRIST – CTO & CIO AT CONNOR GROUP

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