Top 10 countries in Outsourcing

Sep 14th, 2017

(2017) There is a lot of research and analysis that goes into outsourcing business. For example, a company located in country A might consider country B because they have a great people score. A people score is measured by the nation’s people skills which would include language diversity, educational skills, and even the size of their information technology industry. Another very important part of doing business internationally is the political environment. Does the economic/political environment appear strong and under control? How is the infrastructure? Is the culture exposure high? These are a few considerations when determining whether or not a country can handle the type of business you give them. Lastly, and most importantly, how financially attractive is the country? Are compensation and infrastructure costs low and is there growth potential? All of these questions are essential to discovering whether or not it is worth doing business abroad. Here are the top ten countries to outsource business (According to statistics) :
1 India

india outsourcing

India is the most popular country for outsourcing. This is why it has become normal to hear someone who has an Indian accent, while you are attempting to activate your new iPhone. Companies across the world are reaching out to India because their culture is full of intelligent, efficient, and hard-working individuals. The only thing that is a real drawback is the country’s environment. The weakest side of this country is their political environment. The government is led by a president whom is independent of his legislature. Not to mention, the country has the second highest population in the world next to China. These two elements can sometime work against each other, thus creating an unstable environment.

2 China

China is a country that is still adjusting to the world’s economy because it decided to begin to enter global business 21 years ago. Known for having the largest populous, China has over 1.3 billion consumers in its market. Manufacturers and retailers throughout the world jumped for joy when they discovered the opportunity that is – China. This country is a key player in the global outsourcing industry and plans to steal a significant segment of India’s outsourcing revenue in the future.

3 Malaysia

Too many outsourcing newbies, Malaysia is a part of the top three global leaders. Its predicted net-value for the 2013 fiscal year is said to be close to $1.9 billion dollars. Known for its cost-effective and value-oriented services, Malaysia will be able to remain a key contender among it’s BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), SI (Systems Integration), and IT consulting segments. Unlike China and India, Malaysia has low people skills, which lower its attractiveness.

4 Thailand

Thailand is a very popular outsourcing country because it has been deemed to be one of the most financially attractive countries in the world. Its low costs and high returns entice business professionals around the world to invest into this profitable country. However, the country’s downfall is its political infrastructure. Thailand lacks workers who are innovative, intelligent, and cohesive to whatever project gets thrown at them. Many perceive the problem to come from its poor leadership and political decisions. A great way to understand this country is by looking at what’s going on outside of business. For many professionals who are uncertain, a visit will give more than enough for a business-professional to make a decision.

5 Brazil

Brazil is a very balanced country when it comes to outsourcing considerations. Their financial attractiveness, political/economic environment, and people skills are quite even. The company caught its first big break after reaching a 75 percent increase in outsourcing revenue in 2008. This placed the country atop the best locations around the globe. With a strong economic footprint, combined with the largest domestic IT consumption in Latin America, Brazil is revered as one of the hottest countries in the business world.

6 Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that is nearing the IT leaderboard. The country has decided to move away from its dependence on exports, which made up a large portion of their outsourced business. Indonesia is now restructuring its strategy toward economic growth. Their main proponent is the IT segment, which include SI, training, support, internet, and global professional services. For businesses that are looking to join the IT segment, Indonesia should be your first consideration.

7 Bulgaria

At this point, you might have noticed that the list has a strong trend toward Asian countries. Bulgaria is making Eastern Europe proud through its fundamental strategy, “nearshoring”. This country offers less expensive labor and services toward neighboring countries, which include the United States and Western Europe. This tactic has helped the country climb the ranks and reach the top ten among outsourcing countries. Through an attractive and stable macroeconomic and political environment, the country has been able to provide competitive pricing and a high-quality workforce.

8 Philippines

With a growth rate of 46%, the Philippines have become a strong competitor among the outsourcing industry. This growth rate has been maintained due to this country’s low labor costs, highly skilled workforce, and language diversity. Call centers have begun showing up and provide businesses email response and management services. 80% of this service is administered to the US, which has given the countries BPO services a huge boost. Quality, Cost-effectiveness, and reliability is the best way to sum up this countries provisions.

9 Chile

Chile has become a big player in the outsourcing world due to its advantageous location. Over forty percent of Chile’s exports go directly to Europe and the United States. Known for one of the highest acclaimed research and development sectors in the world, Chile has been deemed to have the highest ranks in EIU’s “IT Industry Competitiveness Index of 2009” One of the other major strengths of this country is its stable government and currency in Latin America. This is also supplemented by an open immigration policy, which allows work permits to be obtained within a week. There is no question that Chile has developed one of the most amazing workforces in the world.

10 Japan

Japan is nowhere near the top ten among countries to be outsourced, but I felt that there is a lot this country has to offer the world. It’s current outsourcing principals are growth, change, challenge. Japan wishes to change how it does business with other countries by changing its current strategy while challenging the key competitors. As an American business professional, I have noticed many trends among my country including JETRO. JETRO is the Japanese External Trade Organization that is focused on helping U.S. companies that wish to begin doing business in Japan, as well as aid in the import of Japanese goods from Japan to the U.S. It is no surprise that these types of organizations are appearing mainly because the United States offers one of the largest consumer bases who are willing to buy! buy! buy! in the world. Japan is currently a low standing player, but with time and strategy, they will become a part of this list, rightfully.

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