Maximizing the value of good testing practice in an Agile environment

Jan 26th, 2016

At its heart, agile is all about quality and focusing on the customer, the very key characteristics that are the drivers for the traditional and professional tester. Testing has a significant role to play within an agile development environment and can actually strengthen the output of the process. To maximize the value of the testing discipline, some suggestions are as follows:

  • A Test-driven Development approach should be adopted as the most effective single practice to improve quality and eliminate duplication;
  • Test strategy and planning should be carried out but they need to be flexible and adaptable to the new information produced at each iteration;
  • Similarly the role of the tester has to adapt, but it becomes richer and more influential within the team process in which developers, users and testers each bring their particular expertise;
  • Test automation, reducing the inefficient repetition of manual tasks, supports the fast and flexible agile principle.

This paper explores these assertions, based on practical experience of agile assignments.

Source: Capgemini

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