How to find a good outsourcing company in Vietnam ?

Sep 14th, 2017

Why choose Vietnam?
Over the past few years, Southeast Asia has become one of the most popular destinations for software outsourcing. Especially in 2017, Vietnam has entered the top 10 most attractive software outsourcing in the world.

If I’m going to start looking for an outsourcing company in Vietnam, I would start with looking at some websites about company directory software or try checking on Google by different keywords. . I will visit their websites and check briefly what they do (services, portfolios ..).
Once I have a list of potential companies to work on, assuming 10-15 positions, I will check their references, go back to their portfolio and … read the blog. they. A blog provides an insight into the company’s approach to the project and its specific aspects such as communication, gathering requirements. In addition, this is a good place to improve your knowledge of the field.
At this time, I will not have more than 7-8 companies on my list.
Although pricing is a key issue, I would like to know more about the expertise of the team, project manager, I would ask about communication issues and request some code samples.
And when re-evaluating, I will try not to lose any of the following:
– Service prices
– Experience (related to the design of previous structures, their branches and technologies used),
– Project management,
– Communication.

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