How to experience the latest features on the old Smartphone

Oct 12th, 2017

(10-2017) Old smartphone users can experience the features of the “super” by the app ancillary.

If you are not financially secure, you can install the IObit Applock or Fabby application to bring top features to the iPhone X and some high-end smartphones to older smartphones.

Use the features of the iPhone X

The highlight of the iPhone X is the ultra-thin screen border and face recognition (Face ID). With high prices (about $ 999), many popular users will be difficult to reach.

However, if you are using an older smartphone, you can still experience Face ID by installing the IObit Applock app, which is compatible with Android devices. 4.0.3 or higher.

After installing the application, set the pattern or PIN to unlock the application, then click the Bind button to add backup email in the event of a forgotten password. If you want to lock the screen, just click the lock icon at Screen Lock and restart the app. You will now have the option of unlocking the face and notification keys (depending on the application), just click Start and follow the instructions.

IObit AppLock to better face recognition, you need to put before the camera at eye level, keeping the head straight, to ensure adequate light and not wearing glasses or contact lenses. In addition to supporting screen unlocking, the application also allows users to use face to unlock important applications such as messaging, Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, banking …

According to the test, the face unlock function works pretty well and takes only about a second to complete. If you want more or different face angle, click on the menu in the upper left corner and select Face Lock, then press the settings icon and perform the same as the original. In addition, the application can send a warning email when detecting the wrong spy many times, but to use it, you need to upgrade to the paid version for $ 2.99. AppLock Face / Voice Regconition is also an option not to be missed

Face detection can be installed on older devices.

Face detection can be installed on older devices.

Experience the image-deletion feature

Capturing images with the camera before is also one of the new features on the dual camera smartphone. If you are not financially sound, you can still experience this feature by installing the Fabby software.

When the installation is complete, open the application and click the Fade option, select the corresponding font removal mode and press capture. The application automatically analyzes the subject and background so that you can get the best photo. Note, for Android devices, users need to take a photo before then click the Fuzzy option.

Additionally, you can also experience the extra fonts with Tadaa software, compatible with devices running iOS 6 and above. To use, you can capture new or selected images available in the library, then click on Blur> CreateMask. Here are two things to look out for: Mask and Erase.
To highlight the subject, use the Mask Brush and paint on the object (this area will be green), otherwise use the Erase Brush to remove the excess. Note, for higher accuracy, you should enlarge the image and disable the Edges option. When finished, the user simply touches the blue checkmark icon in the right corner. Then select All and change the opacity, bokeh effect until you feel comfortable. For Android devices, you can install the AfterFocus app and do the same..

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