Are you looking for a company that builds application software for your business?

Custom software for businesses bring high value due to meet the exact needs of the business user. This software is usually created for companies or businesses under contract and not packaged for reselling.

Compare the use of custom software vs off the shelf

Off-the-shelf software includes a pre-packaged software application for large amounts of demand. For example, Microsoft office is designed for the general public as a solution for many users.

Customized software development for the enterprise requires the operation, development and release of a software product suitable for a single entity. For example, an application created for Nexle will only be used by that company, the customers of Nexle, and the department for which it is designed. The software is designed keeping the company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation needs in mind, implying it can only work for that organization.


And here are the reasons you should choose custom software development for business

Custom software is built based on your specific requirements. It can expand and help you perfectly fulfill your business requirements with ever-changing trends and technology developments. Today, people are trying to move from better to the best.

  • – Have the best features within budget. Choose the features you need most to grow your business instead of paying for all the features, some of which may be the least important to your business needs.
  • – Decide the prospects of software according to target consumers and platforms. This is a top priority when you need to build a global application.
  • – Integrate pre-packaged software with your existing systems. With custom software, you can design applications that take into account existing systems and applications.
  • – Be the first to overcome a technical challenge instead of waiting for the provider to update their packaged software.
  • – Get custom reports of specific events.

The cons of custom software

While you can buy an off-the-shelf software application with a low cost, custom software requires considerably more resources to design and thus comes with high cost and risk. When a business decides to start custom software development, it must include all the costs associated with the development process. Finally, the cost alone can reach the five-digit range. Off-the-shelf software can accept a low price because costs are being distributed among many different users, while custom software is created for one user: your company.

The risks associated with custom software vary depending on the application development company that you hire. Does the software company really have a deep understanding of your needs and how do they develop software that meets that need? Emerging new needs in the development process is not a rare case, therefore needs to ensure companies develop customized software can solve unforeseen changes.

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How to develop applications for business

  • – The most desirable software development company will provide quality software development services and have professional and experienced developers.
  • – The company should provide scalable services.
  • – Software development company should use Agile methodologies and have their priorities straight. Nexle is a good company for your reference.

13 fabulous frameworks for Node.js

This baker’s dozen of lean and mean Node.js frameworks can help streamline your development of fast websites, rich APIs, and real-time apps

Spring is the time when the plants send out their green shoots and look to grow in all directions. Node.js may be several years old now, but it is still in the spring of its life. The options are multiplying as everyone experiments with new and better ways to build websites and applications on the platform. The new growth is everywhere.

What follows are just a few of the most prominent frameworks that caught our eye. They make it simpler to build a complex website, a data-driven Web app, a real-time application, or an API. If you’re starting a new project, building on one of these frameworks is a fast way to leverage the best prior work and experience in the Node ecosystem.

  1. Express
  2. Locomotive
  3. Koa
  4. js
  5. Derby
  6. Meteor
  7. Mojito
  8. Nombo
  9. Restify
  10. LoopBack
  11. ActionHero
  12. Frisby
  13. DocPad

Source: InfoWorld