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Technology devices are “covered by fabric” increasingly popular.

(10-2017) Get acquainted with this new trend, forget the image of a black electronics and angular. Earlier this year, when Microsoft released the Surface Pro, there was a soft spot on the machine that everyone had to worry about. In addition to plastic, aluminum and glass, the keyboard is also covered with an alcantara cloth – […]

How to experience the latest features on the old Smartphone

(10-2017) Old smartphone users can experience the features of the “super” by the app ancillary. If you are not financially secure, you can install the IObit Applock or Fabby application to bring top features to the iPhone X and some high-end smartphones to older smartphones. Use the features of the iPhone X The highlight of […]

Use Xamarin to build mobile apps for both iOS and Android

If you use a specific platform for your application, the traditional “Build Apps Natively” approach will be the perfect choice. However, if you look at all three major platforms for your application development, you must build individual applications for iOS, Android, or Windows separately. So you need to have different sets of source code and […]

Advantages and Challenges of Outsourcing in US Market

When it comes to the US software outsourcing market, it refers to a multi-billion dollar market, high demand and fierce competition. Therefore, Vietnam’s software business can not wait for this partnership approach based on only factors: cheaper when compared to China, India, Malaysia, Singapore … In recent years, the outsourcing industry in Vietnam has certain […]

4 IT leaders share the mobile apps they use every day

If you’re anything like the typical smartphone user, you have a ton of apps that you barely even notice, let alone use. IT execs are no different, of course. But these apps are different, rising above the typical app clutter to become the ones these IT leaders can’t live without. Smartphones have become more than […]

Top 10 countries in Outsourcing

(2017) There is a lot of research and analysis that goes into outsourcing business. For example, a company located in country A might consider country B because they have a great people score. A people score is measured by the nation’s people skills which would include language diversity, educational skills, and even the size of […]