Android app running system immediately without installation of Google becoming lighter and faster 10%

Oct 16th, 2017

Google has a small update with the Instant App platform – the framework allows the Android app can run immediately without installation, convenient to play games or do light work such as booking a hotel, buying tours calendar and news reader. This update allows you to separate the source and image resources, depending on the screen resolution, CPU type and language, so that the speed of running Instant App will be faster than 10%. That means the user will start using the app sooner, reinforcing the immediate experience without having to install it.

For example, when the Instant App is running on a low-resolution screen phone, running an ARM chip and is picking up English language, it will download only the data and code for this particular configuration, not the download. Used for high resolution displays, Intel chips, and the Vietnamese language.

Some Instant App you can use: Periscope, Vimeo, NYT Crossword, OneFootball, Buzzfeed, Viki and Realtor.

In the view of the user, the Instant App will work like this: you click on a link in the browser or in an ad, immediately you have a good Android app (not the web) to use without Need to wait for download from the Play Store. You can quickly book a room in the tourist area you like without waiting for the app, you can buy a discounted item or play a short game before deciding to buy it. wait for a minute When you feel like using the app regularly or like the app, you will download the full version of the app as normal.

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