Advantages and Challenges of Outsourcing in US Market

Sep 25th, 2017

When it comes to the US software outsourcing market, it refers to a multi-billion dollar market, high demand and fierce competition. Therefore, Vietnam’s software business can not wait for this partnership approach based on only factors: cheaper when compared to China, India, Malaysia, Singapore …

software outsuorcing vietnam in US

In recent years, the outsourcing industry in Vietnam has certain advantages to become one of the leading software outsourcing countries. Following successes in the Japanese market, Vietnamese software outsourcing companies are actively seeking new opportunities in Europe and North America. In the US market is a lot of IT enterprises pay special attention, because this is a large information technology market, is expected to be the second potential market after Japan.

Vietnamese software outsourcing companies still have many advantages compared to other IT enterprises in the world, such as:

1. The fact that Vietnam is currently being chosen by large companies as a long term investment, such as Intel, Samsung, LG, Renesas, Foxconn, Fujitsu, Canon, Panasonic. HP, CSC, Cisco, NTT, Toshiba, Sony, Hitachi, Boeing, Deutsche Bank transferred research and development to Vietnam.

2.  Vietnam has abundant technical human resources with more than 40,000 graduates annually from more than 290 universities nationwide

3. The Government has a policy of encouraging strong investment in hi-tech parks and software parks; and tax incentives and human resource development strategies

4. The price of software outsourcing services in Vietnam, despite the increase in recent years, is still among the lowest in the world.

But the solution to the problem is not simple

In order to compete in today’s economy, increasing efficiency and reducing costs are the top priorities of businesses. According to Nexlesoft : the criteria of service quality, high-qualified staff, diversified and cost-effective technology for customers will be the key to Vietnamese software outsourcing. Keeping partners, customers from big markets like Japan or America.

Vietnam is clearly characterized by the market as most software outsourcing companies in Hanoi focus on the Japanese market, while partners from the US often look to companies in the south, specifically is HCMC.

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