9 tools primed for agile development success

Jan 26th, 2016

Agile has not only caught fire among software development teams, but is seeing its principles and practices being applied to other parts of the business. Fueling this adoption of agile in software development and beyond is a rich landscape of tools for supporting agile processes that run the gamut from behind-the-firewall installations to SaaS-based offerings.

Besides those from better-known companies like Microsoft, Rally, and Atlassian, tools from companies like Liquid Planner, Active Collab, and Agilo Software, among others, are filling out a wide selection of agile options for organizations to choose from. The following nine tools are being leveraged by businesses adhering to agile methodologies in executing software development projects and more:

  1. Active Collab
  2. Agilo for Scrum
  3. Aha
  4. Dapulse
  5. Liquid Planner
  6. Pivotal Tracker
  7. ScrumDo
  8. Yodiz
  9. ZenHub

Source: CIO

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