4 reasons to choose Vietnam outsourcing

Sep 7th, 2017

Software outsourcing is a strategic branch of many companies today. From the lessons of Indian software outsourcing companies, Vietnam now has significant competitive advantages over outsourcing companies.

software outsourcing vietnam

Software outsourcing vietnam

1. Support from the government.
In recent years, it has been found that outsourcing software outsourcing services increasingly contribute to economic development. The government has strongly encouraged investment in high-tech zones, software parks, and tax incentives and human resource development strategies. Therefore, the trade between the software outsourcing companies in Vietnam and the partners have many advantages.
2. Labor force.
With well-trained technical human resources from leading universities in Vietnam along with creativity, software development outsourcing software developers are fully meeting the requirements of business partners. business.
3. Price.
Currently, although the price of outsourcing services in Vietnam has increased, it is still 30% lower than Eastern Europe and India.

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4. Language.
English is the international language and English is the most popular foreign language in Vietnam. The language problem has improved a lot as software development engineers in software development Vietnam has been trained. Communication is no longer a barrier between outsourcing companies and partners.
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