4 interesting things about application development in Vietnam

Sep 8th, 2017

Technology is growing, and Vietnam is also one of the leading countries in terms of growth in spending on technology products. About application programming, Vietnam is also one of the potential markets.
Here are 4 interesting things about application development in Vietnam:

1. Vietnamese culture can be an endless source of inspiration

application development

Potential for mobile application development in Vietnam

Programmers generally wisely choose to segment the mobile application market based on the needs of their customers, but for Vietnamese programmers, they are even wiser not to refer to segmentation. world-class, they are more knowledgeable Vietnamese users than ever. The Vietnamese market is now a fertile land with young populations, which are more potential markets than ever. Need to go far, thinking about the lung, to serve Vietnamese users as you can safely check the bank account.

2. Vietnamese users are very “sensitive” advertising
The mobile advertising market is opening up a new path for digital marketing. But this is also a challenge to be able to convey the message of delicate but still effective. Vietnamese people are more sensitive to advertising. “Sensuality” here includes both awareness and sensitivity. They understand that advertising is a revenue stream for programmers, but they will feel annoyed when ads appear too much.
3. Scale not only in Vietnam but also beyond

The growing number of smartphones in Vietnam has created a new “lucrative” market for application programming. After the success of Flappy Bird, many experts said that the market will be more and more exciting and will have many big pushes to push the scale of the industry to the world.
4. Many opportunities for development

At present, the demand for mobile application programming manpower is much higher than that of the information technology industry. Not only Vietnamese software companies, but foreign companies in Vietnam are also recruiting programmers for domestic and foreign projects. There are a lot of mobile application companies in Vietnam that are growing up, with some soft skills, a programmer can set up businesses for their projects.

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